This is a great link I found by following Kath Murdoch on Twitter. I have found many great articles through her and put them on my Delicious page but this one is pertinent in that I am figuring how to frame my class’s reflection for their Maths Talent Quest. This article asks the questions that I need my students to answer. Also, how to frame and then answer them.

We mean first of all that students should spend time in deep thought about their
own learning. They should think about what they have learned, how they have learned it, and the connections that exist between prior knowledge and new
knowledge, between information learned in different classes, and between learning
inside and outside of class.
Seeing Yourself:
We also mean that students need to look at themselves critically as students. To
look in the mirror to understand themselves as learners and to be critically aware of
both what they already know and what they still need to know.
One of the most important ways to learn about reflection is to understand the
crucial elements of a good reflection.
– A good reflection shows evidence of serious thinking and questioning
– A good reflection requires self awareness and honesty
– A good reflection is full of concrete and specific examples.
– A good reflection is thorough
– A good reflection is well organized and correct in terms of grammar and mechanics.
– A good reflection shows the ability to synthesize – that is , to pull lots of
different ideas together, to show the relationships between concepts, prior
and new knowledge, classroom and co-curricular work.
Students can be prompted with specific questions to answer about an
assignment. Some sample questions follow:
– What exactly did I learn?
– How have I changed as a result of this experience?
– How did I go about making sense of the information/situation?
– What parts of the experience were the most/least valuable and why?
– How does what I learned relate to what I already knew about the concept?
– How does what I learned relate to my other classes?
– How does what I learned relate to my co-curricular activities?
– How does what I learned relate to me as a person?
– What specific skills have I practiced/perfected in completing this assignment?
– What specific skills do I need to develop to do an even better job next time?
– What more do I need to learn about the subject/topic/concept?
These last questions give lots to ponder about and I am sure to be using them with my students this week……..