Great post from an English teacher’s blog that I follow. Known as the the head guru teacher, I also follow him on twitter and therefore read many of his posts. I find them also very valuable and informative with regards teaching and also what is happening with regards the education system in England. This article I found fascinating as it doesn’t tell me anything new but fills me with re-invigorated passion for what I am doing as a teacher/educator and also what I am trying to do. Outlined are 12 steps to a ‘Great Teacher’ reputation:

Part One: In the classroom

1. Teach great lessons consistently (Obvious of course and here are the essence of routine habits teachers need to develop to teach great lessons day after day – probing, rigour, challenge, differentiation, journeys, explaining, agility, awe, possibilities, joy)

2. Build positive relationships

3. Give effective feedback (Marking in perspective – selective, formative, effective, reflective)

4. Know your subject and use that to good effect

5. Lay a path to successful outcomes for your students

6. Embrace a total gifted and talented philosophy

7. Express yourself

Part Two: Beyond the classroom

8. Give time generously to students who need you

9. Engage with parents (Homework matters – great teachers set great homework)

10. Get involved in the school communiyt

11. Maintain high professional standards

12. Show initiative; offer solutions; be collaborative; be your own PD champion

These are truly worthy attributes and I will aspire to treat them with the same respect I hold the VIT standards for teachers.


The agile teacher….responsive, risk-taking, juggling continually.



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