Love this article and this image. Not that I need any encouragement to bring laughter into my classroom but this article does indeed outline 50 ways to bring it in !! And they are all viable and usable. “Inside a classroom, the air thickens with time and words and problems and thoughts, lots of thoughts. Sometimes, there’s a need to break the boredom. the best break is laughter.” There is even a link to a Stanford study showing how humour activates a child’s brain. Some of the suggestions are so obvious we may not even realise we are doing them most of the time, but it is vital to consider them. Examples include:

– Be you,

– Develop rapport,

– Be honest,

– Be weird, sometimes what’s normal to you may be weird to the younger generation,

– Use voices, that ‘special’ teacher voice,

– Tongue twisters,

– Music,

– Use irony,

The list goes on and provides fabulous opportunity for meaningful learning experiences beyond content.



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